Texas Stonehenge

Texas Stonehenge is what Clay DiMeno calls this bunker/tornado shelter/man cave that he made with earthbags and a lot of creative ingenuity. IMG_3053Most people would not realize that this roundhouse was actually made from earthbags, because of Clay’s faux stone rendering. This is similar to a root cellar that he made and we featured earlier. IMG_3045 The interior space was treated in the same way to suit his taste.


He even made a little bar with swinging seats, and a stone like floor.


The roof was formed with radiating rafters that support a straw-insulated green roof. You can see many more photos of how this unique structure was built and Clay’s own description  at www.earthbagbuilding.com.

3 thoughts on “Texas Stonehenge”

  1. Thanks Chris, I’ll try to answer your questions.
    Ferrocement coat was finished with acid stain and on the inside a sealer was used.
    Hardly any cracking at all. The chicken wire inside the concrete helps stop that, though there are some little cracks. I leave them as there small and just make it look older.
    Yes I love how the roof came out. It was tough figuring out how to do it but it would be worth doing again for sure. Second time round would be eaiser.
    Shower roof had rebar arched across the opening every few feet. Then chicken wire tied to it. After a scratch coat is dry you can pile it on thick as you like.

  2. Hell yeah nice job Clay!
    How’d you finish the stucco and concrete–the staining and sealing?
    Are you seeing much cracking in the stone veneer grout lines?
    Would you do that roof system again?
    The skylight glow looks great in the rafters.
    How’d you build up the shower roof that thick?
    Thanks for the write-up.


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