14' earthbag dome funded by UNDP Pakistan (click to enlarge)
14' earthbag dome funded by UNDP Pakistan (click to enlarge)

Hi! I am a Pakistani born Canadian citizen. Trained as a civil engineer, I focused myself on green earth technologies. Self educated with reading books & info. on net by great people like Dr Owen, Kelly Hart, Prof. Nadir Khalili. I am building earthbag dome in a flood hit area (Badin Pakistan) .This project is sponsored by UNDP (United Nations Development Program) Pakistan.

My 14 ft diameter Dome is complete. Thanks for kind guidance & support. I am sending u some photos. This project was funded by UNDP & total cost came to $1,500 as some basic materials were not available in coastal area (sand & clay).

Best regards,
Engr. Munir Khan

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  2. That is a beautiful little building Munir. Do you have photos of the process of building it?

    Did you use bags or tubes? Also, structurally, is your dome “roof” self supporting or does it have supports inside.

    Thank you for sharing it.


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