Hypocaust Underfloor Heating — 2 Comments

  1. In our region, here in British Columbia there are several examples of exterior furnaces ideally located at a lower elevation than the house. Similar to a root cellar, the large furnace is inside and there is a smoke stack comes out of the shelter, and there are large tubes or ducts travelling either underground or the soil has been backfilled to insulate the ductwork. The ducts go into the crawl space of the house, carrying the hot, with or without fans, Sometimes they can be used to heat more than one building. The layout of the cellar and covered ductwork if not totalling underground sometimes looks similar to an igloo. This is not the new exeritor furnaces that are on the market, they are much older than that. I thought that they were called “Hostas” but I have searched the net to try to find specs to build our own and can’t find any. I was wondering if anyone has come across anything.

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