Using Bags of Sawdust for Insulation — 4 Comments

  1. I wonder if , as with newspaper pulp blown in insulation , it could be made ( using an environmentally safe method ) fireproof and insect proof…I know that Borates can make wood termite, fungus and carpenter ant proof..One down.They sell treated wood with Borate in the South…..The next would be to find an environmentally safe fire proof method..Any ideas out there from anyone reading this….on the fire proofing?..THEN YA GOT A WINNER!!!!

    • According to one source I found: “The borate treatment gives the cellulose insulation a very high fire safety rating in terms of combustibility. From a safety standpoint, that’s good news. As a line firefighter trying to deal with a fire in cellulose insulation, that’s not so good news. The low combustibility of the cellulose makes it easy for fires to start, but the fire retardant treatment doesn’t allow them to grow quickly, so they can continue to smolder.”

  2. this is so great to hear. the use of free sawdust to keep their home warmly insulated is a testament to the wisdom that we can care for ourselves nicely whilst caring for the earth.

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