Where to Live: Building Code or No Code Areas? — 4 Comments

  1. just want to let you know I found your web site, wonderful! so helpful! thanks for knowing about THRIVE;
    your article about harrassment of those self built, desert. this has bothered me a lot. how can we work, forming power to change this? I also live and want to build in a desert place, We need strength,community in Calif. Have ideas? jehane

    • I suggest finding an area with as many like minded people as possible. Everyone doesn’t have to live in one place (ex: one ecovillage), just close enough to develop community. Look for common interests and work from there. Topics such as gardening, drying/canning/storing food, rainwater collection, car pooling/ride sharing, etc. might be good starting points. The group could expand over the years into more complex projects such as community-supported agriculture, home schooling network, community meetings, setting up a farmer’s market, creating a phone tree for emergencies. I’m sure you could find some books about how to create sustainable communities.

  2. Our various websites probably have 15,000 – 20,000 comments. This blog alone has 7,800 comments. That’s a wealth of information that you’d likely miss because most comments pop up months or even years later. But most readers don’t go back and reread old blog posts, so occasionally I’ll post some of the more informative and interesting ones.

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