3D Printing With Clay, Aggregate and Straw

Terran’s 3D printing system emulates traditional adobe hand-building techniques to produce walls that are soundproof and fireproof. Using reinforcement learning, they are training custom-designed unmanned aerial drones to emulate traditional earthen building techniques.

By leveraging the world’s most abundant building materials—clay, aggregate, and straw—Terran walls save 50% on construction costs versus conventional stick-built walls.

Terran’s system saves time and money by reducing the number of different materials required and replacing at least four subcontractors: framing, drywall, siding and insulation. From cradle-to-cradle, Terran walls produce about 80% less C02 than conventional wall systems (stick-built or concrete). The materials in Terran walls are non-polluting and non-toxic. And the combination of high thermal mass with natural humidity regulation means lower energy bills for homeowners.

Their adobe-printing drone works in a 2-step process: picking and placing the adobe building material, and sculpting the material into the desired form.

Custom built-ins are also possible with this system.

In 2022 they will begin building homes in the Midwest, expanding to other regions based on demand.

You can read more about this at www.liveterran.com

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