9 Magnificent Italian Villages

Here is a list of 9 magnificent villages from all over Italy with a noteworthy characteristic, a unique appeal, or an intriguing side.

Bagnoregio has a beautiful landscape with a welcoming atmosphere, and the village is flourishing and is a tourist hot spot.

Ostana embodies the charm of a town from a different era. Stone dominates the buildings and streets, and there are only about 50 inhabitants in the area.

At the foot of Marmolada, the highest peak in the Dolomites range, lies Sottoguda, full of centuries-old architecture that truly feels untouched by time.

A few days in Verucchio will have you leisurely walking through fortresses and 18th-century palaces.

Castiglione is a refuge. Amidst green woods and encircled by a belt of mountains, this village feels like a detachment from the world.

Quaint and tucked below the feet of Mount Partenio, Summonte is a must-see town for any traveler exploring the country.

Civita hides diabolical depths. Nearby, you’ll find the landmark Ponte del Diavolo, or  the Devil’s Bridge, with a length of some 600 steps. Spanning an extraordinary and dramatic gorge, the 600-step bridge is a marvel of engineering and construction. According to legend, the builder, Saint Julian, found the construction so difficult, he had to ask the Devil for help, hence the name. As the story goes, the Devil was promised the soul of the first person to cross the bridge in exchange for his help.

Within Abruzzo National Park, Opi is home to more than just people—wolves, bears, and eagles are also known to roam the lands.

Posada in Sardinia, where the coastline is treated with sacred respect, the water is transparent and the beach flaunts perfectly white sand.

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