Global Peace Week Explores 7 Core Needs

I joined this panel to explore the idea of providing comfortable shelter for all animal and human life on Earth. The 90-minute plenary invited leaders in the field of ancient & earth wisdom, natural building and community building with Ousmane Aly Pame, Kelly Hart & Mark Lakeman to respond to the following questions:

What would be your optimal local-to-global strategy for ensuring the guaranteed access of all humans and animals to Comfortable Shelter?

What are the whole system healing benefits of such a strategy?

How can we move forward to make this a global reality?

You can watch the entire video at

The daily themes of Peace Week 2022 are inspired by the second primary task of Eco-Governance, which is to ensure that the 7 Core Needs of all humans and animals are met through guaranteed access to:

– Living Soil:  watch at

– Healthy Water:  watch at

– Vitalizing Food:  watch at

– Fresh Clean Air:  watch at

– Physical and Emotional Safety:  watch at

– Comfortable Shelter:  watch at

– The conditions needed for all to manifest their unique Life-enriching potential: watch at

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