Affordable Straw Bale Homes in Moab, Utah

Community Rebuilds is an innovative affordable housing program based in Moab. They partner low income wage earners living in the community with emerging professional builders who want to learn to build energy efficient houses. What they have been creating is really very lovely, as you can  see in the photos below. You can read the whole article and see more pictures at

6 thoughts on “Affordable Straw Bale Homes in Moab, Utah”

  1. Love this, and would like to do build a straw bale cob home in Escalante. Know of anyone who has any experise with straw bale construction further south?

    • My friend, Kaki Hunter, who lives in Moab, says, “I have several friends that built strawbale houses in Boulder, UT.
      There is a good strawbale natural builder here in Moab that I could recommend: Jason Pronovost.
      Although he’s probably booked up for a while.”

  2. My husband and I are in need of more information about straw bale building and cob work! Anyone know any resources or people to contact in Utah County? THANKS!

    • Ray, where can I get information on Pumicecrete? The links I’ve found have seemsed outdated; I can’t get any response… I’d love to hear more!



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