Affordable Straw Bale Homes in Moab, Utah — 6 Comments

  1. Love this, and would like to do build a straw bale cob home in Escalante. Know of anyone who has any experise with straw bale construction further south?

    • My friend, Kaki Hunter, who lives in Moab, says, “I have several friends that built strawbale houses in Boulder, UT.
      There is a good strawbale natural builder here in Moab that I could recommend: Jason Pronovost.
      Although he’s probably booked up for a while.”

  2. My husband and I are in need of more information about straw bale building and cob work! Anyone know any resources or people to contact in Utah County? THANKS!

    • Ray, where can I get information on Pumicecrete? The links I’ve found have seemsed outdated; I can’t get any response… I’d love to hear more!


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