Bartender Quits Job to Live in a School Bus (and Discovers Freedom)

Some people may skip over this story by thinking “oh, I don’t want to live in a bus”. But the larger story of downsizing and living free is far more important. It’s no fun being stuck in a dead end job you don’t like. In this video you meet Jax who made up his mind to break free of the rat race, and by doing so discovered freedom. He said he gained far more than he gave up.

“Jax Austin used to work as a bartender and quit his job to convert a school bus into a tiny house on wheels.” The most helpful book I’ve ever bought:

Check out other great videos like this by Dylan Magaster. He’s really on a roll. It’s a relatively new channel and we’ve already featured several of his videos. Dylan’s content is popular. He now has over 165,000 subscribers.

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  1. Jax had a good comment about the cost of rent being disproportionately high to what many people get paid. That’s usually true. Breaking free of the rent (and mortgage) trap will free you up financially and give you many more options.


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