CORGANIX Project Update — 2 Comments

  1. You guys must be smoking the same ” stuff ”

    I am a big fan of the work you do and your site is both interesting and informative but this “CORGANIX” concept is only getting traction in this Ronin’s guys mind.

    Type CORGANIX into Google and see who is talking about it

    Ronin and you – that’s it.

    I am actually not saying the idea lacks merit I just don’t like bullshit self promotion and this character seems to be the king of talking himself up but not delivering anything useful.

    A whole website of advice and not a single photo of anything he has ever actually built – not one home.

    Look the truth is that not one site picked up this Corganix concept in 60 days – not even some shitty scraper site running adsense – that’s hardly what you would called getting serious traction now is it.

    Keep up the good work in earthbag buildings but stay away from the snake oil salesmen.

    • New ideas take a while to catch on. I know, because it’s taken us 4 YEARS to build up a good sized reader base for this site. I think the CORGANIX idea has a lot of merit and we’re getting lots of emails for more info. Time will tell.

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