Earthbag Benches: The Perfect Starter Project — 6 Comments

  1. Hi Owen
    That looks great. Just a question – you mention lime plaster. Can one put lime plaster straight on the bags? I always read that if you use lime plaster you should do an earthen plaster first (or chicken wire) so the lime has something to adhere to. Now where I live (East Africa) it is hard to find clay close by, but I can buy lime. I’d like to get some projects started here in Tanzania (starting with a garden wall for practice), but obviously need to keep it “local and cheap”. Thanks!!!

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  3. A get-your-feet-wet bench is a great idea! I need some seating around the fire pit, so this will be the next Home Place project. Thanks for the suggestion. I’m watching your blog comments for folks to post bag deals.

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