Earthbag Designs Lead the Contest — 2 Comments

  1. It really is surprising, considering the $300.00 limitation. But while there are several earthbag plans in the contest, people tend to stick and possibly vote with what they know. Concrete is something almost universal.

    I worked on an interesting concept clear back in the 70s. The company I was working for had developed and built concrete homes. They consisted of wire panels with foam cores. The panels were 4×8 and 4×10. They were hog ringed together with 2×2 steel supports at various points. The windows and doors were cut out and reinforced with wood frames. The entire structure was shot with concrete by a gunite crew. The walls ended up being 6 inches thick. There were wood nailers bolted to the top of the walls and then conventional trusses were used on the roof. Even before the windows were installed the houses were cool inside during the heat of the SoCal summer. They were extremely solid, basically a bunker. The company eventually sold the entire operation to a Japanese based outfit. Supposedly they were going to build the houses in places like Hawaii and Asia where wood rot is a problem. Concrete homes are nothing new, so perhaps that is why it is in the lead.

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