Earthbag Game-changer

We believe the combination of new developments in earthbag building is a game-changer, a breakthrough that is gradually pushing earthbag into the mainstream. Long term readers have been following these developments, but I will briefly recap some key developments for new readers since there’s a recent surge in traffic.

– Engineered plans are now available through Precision Structural Engineering, Inc. Now you can get your plans stamped by a licensed engineer so you can build virtually anywhere — in seismic or non-seismic locations. They’re licensed in 27 states, and have reciprocal agreements with other engineering firms worldwide. Here are their reinforced earthbag specifications.
– Hyperadobe, the relatively new earthbag system that uses mesh bags, has been shown to be lower cost, simpler and faster. Hyperadobe was originally developed by Fernando Pachecho and is now used by others in Brazil. We’ve been reporting on this extensively, so please use our search engine. Here are three links:
Hyperadobe Update
Open Weave Fabric: Ideal Working Properties
Hyperadobe Continued
– Insulated Earthbag Houses is another hot topic. So far, most earthbag structures have been built in mild or hot climates, but there’s no reason you can’t build in cold climates. For instance, Kelly Hart pioneered the use of scoria (lava rock) in earthbags in his dome home in Colorado, where there are bitter cold temperatures. My Insulated Earthbag House article offers three possible building methods.

A more thorough list of advantages: Some Incredible Facts About Earthbag Building

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