Earthbag Garden Bed Reisists Waves

This video is a perfect example of how durable earthbag construction can be when subjected to submersion in water and the onslaught of waves.

According to Shari, the builder, “This garden bed was an experiment, it was built on a shore line of a large lake. I wanted to see how earthbags and plaster held up to water. What I didn’t expect was the lake levels rising higher than ever before. I also didn’t expect such large waves; the garden bed was battered for countless days. The plaster held up well when submerged in water, but it was unable to hold up to the constant barrage of large waves. Luckily the garden bed drains very well, most of the plants recovered. I was impressed with the strength and affordability of this earthbag structure. The cost to build this was approximately $80.”

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