First Call for Elite Earthbag Team

Five winning earthbag designs have been officially announced in the $300 House design competition. At least five of the top designs will be prototyped as part of a long process to refine the designs and eventually build them in poverty stricken areas. This is just an early announcement, a first call for volunteers, to let you know skilled/energetic workers will be needed. This will be a great opportunity to learn and network with other earthbag builders. More details will be posted soon.

13 thoughts on “First Call for Elite Earthbag Team”

  1. @Owen : I like the blocks , I wonder that , with the increasing housing prices globally and (over)engineered housing standards, an approach could be to bring the technology with your system back to basic and affordable for (trendy) houses in richer area’s , make market conform profit and than use the cash flow to support on a scale that makes a difference to all kind of projects in area’s that do not have the luxury problem to pay an additional 20%on concrete and brick houses for getting a ‘green’ house with only added insulation instead of improving the construction techniques in tune with nature … . I would consider setting up a modest (block)manufacturing plant here in Flanders (Belgium) , find some enthusiast architects to promote it and fight the building codes for building approval … I think I could get some support from the local decision makers as they want to create a clean-tech valley in the area Limburg . In order to get started I will have to make a business case and business plan , make some samples and get a small pilot production up , make some sample houses … Would you consider supporting such an approach with information , agreement on affordable license fee ( knowhow transfer) to be paid out of achieved cashflow ?
    Further I have got some samples from Mike MABEY ( , I guess the difference is that he is adding a foaming agent to make the material lighter and using less material for similar result . I would greatly appreciate your feedback at

  2. I saw your comment on the other post. I never thought I’d say this but: I may need to find a way to get to Alabama lol

  3. I’m a broke out of work bum with nothing to do. I’d love to volunteer my time! Getting someplace far away may be a problem,. If anything happens in California or the west coast, hopefully I can get my butt there and learn a valuable skill while helping the world in a tiny way. I fall under the unskilled but energetic category. Call me crazy, but building an earthbag home sounds like a vacation! I’ll stay tuned. =)

    • Great! You’re the first volunteer. Let’s hope more people volunteer so you don’t have to build the dome by yourself. Just kidding.

      This project will be way easier than earthbag. It’s mostly tying rebar together with wire and plastering. And it’s only 13′ DIA so it should go fairly fast.

    • It looks like we’re going to build near Dallas, Texas. But if the project is successful then we’ll have the documentation (building instructions, photos and hopefully video) that will help people build in other places.

  4. I would LOVE to do this, but it’s hard to when you have a wife and a son relying on your income….
    I’m looking forward to the details about it though.


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