Johnny Punish Earthbag Home

“First, I knew no matter what I did to study how to build such a thing, being a newbie never built a structure kind of guy from New York City, I would make huge mistakes. So instead of getting down and building the main home first, instead I first built a property wall. And boy oh boy, I am glad I did. The team I put together made horrific mistakes…Heck, we lost the wall twice! But I knew that learning curve would beat us up so it was cool. No worries.

Then, we built my music studio dome using the tube bags. Again, since it was the first time we were attempting such a thing, I knew we would make errors and we did. But we fixed them and the structure came out pretty darn good.

Next up, we are building the main house, master suite, and guest quarters. All in all, it will be about 3000 square feet or about 300m2 of construction. Stay tuned for updates.”

Source: Johnny

6 thoughts on “Johnny Punish Earthbag Home”

  1. look forward to seeing your first wall and then looks at the next ones. where?? I am working in the mojave desert,Ca., west of Las Vegas and you? I live also in Brussels Belgium, looking at finding a few people who would like to work in place quite different than Belgium. and you? encouraging your building! yes, the best way I know is to just do it! jehane this web site is about my picture making, I guess I’ll add the earth bags too!

  2. Good day sirs, I Louis comment you peeople’s effort. I am a builder by profession . A lot of building projects had been abandoned due to high cost of materials. Am writing from Africa Nigeria, this is country where everybody wants to build there own houses. Please am unable to convince my clients to use Earth Bag Sand method to build there houses reason is that is not Nigeria. Please can you come to Nigeria so that we will have a seminar where all relevant people in building will
    be available. We can equally take it to Government level. U can call me with this number :2348033300536. Thank you

    • Use the search engine on our blog to search the site for other projects in Africa. There are quite a few now. You could probably find even more on Google. Maybe one of them will want to come and help.

  3. I think this is AWESOME and I wish I was able to forgo my “have to make a living” to even be a gopher/helper on this learning as you go project! Heavy sigh…. up in Minnesota wishing, dreaming still. Thank you for sharing this, it gives the rest of us Hope, although I don’t know of anyone up here that has used earthbags – wish I did so I could learn on the weekends maybe. Thanks again, looks Great!

    • Use Google to find projects in your area. There are projects all over the world now. Most projects are not published on the Internet, but many are.

  4. See the lengthy privacy wall in the background? That took a lot of work. Would love to get more info on this wall from Johnny if he happens to see this.


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