Hyper-Wattle on Rubble Bags — 7 Comments

  1. I applaud you for posting somebody else’s design and asking for people to vote for it. Most people would bash competitors.

    • I don’t think like that. I want the best ideas to rise to the top. This includes other earthbag designs, CEB houses, pallet house, reycycled plastic block house.

  2. I like the hyper wattle idea for a light weight infill system with reasonable insulating properties. This is the first I’ve heard of it – has it been tested in applications?


  3. Thanks Owen, you really encouraged me to develop this.
    And thanks to generous samples of mesh tubing from these suppliers, especially the first three:
    Bag Supplies Canada of Stratford Ontario has a raschel mesh tube that looks good for hyperadobe. They may supply raschel mesh for wattle also.

    Master Net Ltd of Mississauga Ontario has 6″, 8″, and 9″ uv resistant mesh for wattles that is very strong but only costs 5- 9 cents per linear foot. Rolls are 3- 4000 lf.

    Syfilco of Exeter, Ontario has similar, but I’m not sure if they’re selling retail, and the price may be higher.

    Quality Packaging Systems of Yorba Linda has a slightly larger vexar mesh (not as strong but ok for wattle) that is less than 3 cents per foot but only comes in 16,000 lf rolls.

    Bluefire/ Mesh Bag Direct of Orlando, FL has 10″ dia (16″ layflat) crocheted mesh and Volm of Antigo, WI has 12″ dia (19″ layflat) that may work for larger wattles.

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