Migrating Culture

MIGRATING CULTURE is an African/American design campaign creatively established in 2006 with key projects in Ghana, West Africa. The original concept  was to organize a consortium of artisans that would enable a cultural exchange both locally (Ghana) and worldwide.

Its founder, Brandon Rogers, is based in Ghana and has a strong background in architectural design and interest in the construction industry. Brandon has collaborated with local architecture firms, non-profit organizations, and numerous local builders and professionals throughout a number of rural villages. With the knowledge and perspective gained from both his research and in-field experiences, Brandon began to promote sustainable/ green building techniques as alternative solutions to the traditional methods.

Brandon has focused on earthbag building as a technique which the average rural family could utilize to build stronger, more efficient homes. To date Brandon and the diverse team of tradesmen and youth apprentices have constructed three projects, which display the possibilities of the earth bag wall system and other green methods.

If you visit their website you can see many examples of the fine building projects they have completed. I applaud their efforts and the results.

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  1. I’ve been watching the migrating back to Ghana back to Africa I would love to experience all the things that or some things are going to be good and some are going to be negative but I would like to experience them know what’s going on

  2. We cannot wait to work with you, after all the covid-19 scare is over we will be visiting Ghana and hope to meet with you.


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