Possibilities for Living Without a Mortgage — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Kelly, thank you for thislarge amount of resource and encouragement for people to learn how not to have a mortgage.

    There is a movement called SkIP–Skills to Inherit Property–which is based on here is a link.

    SkIP: develop the Skills to Inherit Property

    Skip college
    Skip the rat race
    Skip the mortgage and debts
    Retire in your 20s

    People go to college to be able to enter the professional workforce. The goal is that after 40 years of working they will be debt free, own a home and have enough set aside to carry them through retirement. For a lot of people, that retirement package includes a few acres in the country.

    There is a shortcut.

    There are millions of people that have good land, with a house or two, a good tractor and truck, and they wish to will their land to somebody worthy. All you need to do is build the right skills that demonstrate that you are worthy.

    you can learn more about SkIP at

  2. Good work! I love how you offered types of ways to build with earth. Living without a mortgage would be “heaven”. Great possibility for saving the mortgage money for something else.

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