Small Town Urban Homesteading

This video tour of an urban homestead with Justin Tiret shows us his backyard garden in Portland, Oregon. Tiret is able to grow and raise much of the annual food production to meet his family’s needs.

There are many lifestyle choices and I enjoy hearing about and exploring the various options. Kelly Hart left the following comment yesterday (in response to Old Town Districts) that offers food for thought:

“The place that we just moved to, Silver City, New Mexico, has an old historic district with most of the amenities that you mention, all within walking distance of our old adobe house. We are turning the large back yard into a permaculture paradise, with many edible plants. I ride my bike around town to shop, and it is more convenient than driving the car.

Old Town district Silver City, New Mexico
Old Town district Silver City, New Mexico

The big box stores are only a couple of miles away if we need something of that sort. This is a town of about 10,000 people, with a university and lots of music and night life. Building codes in New Mexico are controlled by the state, so there is no real advantage to building in a more rural location. For me, at this point in my life, this is the more sustainable choice.”

Image source: Find Your Spot
Maybe we should do more blog posts about urban homesteading???

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  1. I can see the appeal of small towns like Silver City. I’ve heard lots of good things about Silver City for years. But there’s still the issue of building a sustainable home at super low cost. Like Kelly said, the state

    This is a good example of a simple, ultra low cost cabin built with locally available sustainable materials. It’s examples like this that keep me excited about natural building.


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