Some Wonderful Homemade Backyard Sheds — 2 Comments

  1. My family name is JONES so I’m a Welshman, five generations removed. Seeing these incredible creations is inspiring. I bought a small mountain in the High Desert of SoCal (part of the greater Mojave Desert) sixteen months ago and have now built three structures on it. The first two were rock and cob only but the third is a post and straw bale construct built into the side of my mountain using large boulders for the walls with a stone foundation from the site on the fourth wall topped with straw bales. I have done this entirely by my hand with no power tools, using sand and dirt from the site with donated lumber and clay I have dug from the dry lake a mile west of me. I have used boiled linseed oil to water-proof the exterior and harden the floors. The interior has parts of a donated piano made in London and sold in Scotland. I have been working in triple-digit temperatures but even though the house is still open the interior is much cooler than outside. When finished and enclosed it will be a constant 65 degrees year-round. I have a cooler buried in the ground that maintains 50 degrees inside with no ice. Aye, the old ways still work. I am proud to be a cobber today and a Welshman as well, stranded as I am in the Mojave Desert of SoCal.

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