14 Year Old Girl Provides an Earth-Sheltered Greenhouse to a Small Town — 3 Comments

  1. great article! I am confused however in the article when it is mentioned “Not long after, Kasey found out King’s Point had been selected as one of the seven successful applications out of 26 total greenhouse entries.”

    There is no mention in the article about the contest – can you elaborate? Thanks

    • An earlier paragraph mentions the competition: “The Food Producers Forum, a non-profit group that aims to help improve food security in the province through agricultural initiatives, is building an earth-sheltered greenhouse … and issued a call across Newfoundland and Labrador for people to build more.” Then, after getting support from the town council, Kasey’s application was in the mail.

      • This was not a contest, but a call out for expressions of interest to communities in Newfoundland and Labrador. When we put out the call over a year ago, we received twenty-six expressions of interest from right across our province! This is ample evidence of the awareness of food insecurity and the need for more local, healthy food. From those who applied, we selected six on the island of Newfoundland and one from Labrador for direct engagement and support. Although Food Producers Forum is not providing any financial support to the local communities we selected, we are assisting with fund raising, but our main focus is siting, design and support in making the greenhouse in each community work really well. For more details about this project, and nine other initiatives being developed by Food Producers Forum, visit their website:

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