Stella Vita, a Solar Powered RV

A group of 22 coeds working under the name Solar Team Eindhoven has just unveiled Stella Vita, an entirely solar-powered camper.

The vehicle features a pop-up roof lined with solar panels that the students claim produce enough electricity to travel over 450 miles in a single day. It will take between two and three days for the mobile home to fully recharge, so it’s best suited for leisurely trips where you can schedule stops of a few days or more.

The Stella Vita, which the team calls a self-sustaining “house on wheels,” features a teardrop design that slopes dramatically in the rear. The long roof provides plenty of surface area for solar panels. To further maximize this space, there are two partitions just below the roofline that pop out on both sides of the vehicle, effectively doubling the amount of solar panel area to 57.4 sq ft. The roof also pops up, increasing the interior space of the camper which is accessible via a rear set of passenger-side doors.

Inside, you’ll find a small cooking area and fridge, both of which run on solar power, as well as a toilet, couch and full-size bed with room for two adults.

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I had a similar idea back in the 1980’s when I bought a used electric delivery truck with the plan of installing solar panels on the roof and converting it to a solar electric RV. This dream was never realized, unfortunately. It is gratifying to see that now it is happening.

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