Top 10 Earthbag House Plans by Owen Geiger

Most of you know about my Earthbag House Plans site, now with over 120 designs, but most readers are not aware which plans are most popular. Here’s the list… [drum roll…] 1. Roundhouse/Dome Cluster 2. Earthbag Survival Shelter 3. 33’ (10m) Roundhouse: 2 bedroom 4. Pod Houses 5. Enviro Dome 6. Enviro Dome 2 7. … Read more

Spiral Dome Magic 1 and 2

I’ve recently completed two new house plans. There’s nothing else like them that I’ve seen. They combine spirals and domes — the Peace Dome and Spiral Houses, which are also available separately. There are two versions available – one bedroom and two bedroom designs. The combination of shapes creates a very exciting organic design. More … Read more