Yakhchal: Ancient Refrigerators

Gotta love the Internet as a bottomless source of incredible ideas. Today’s post is about the ancient ice storage structures in Persia. You can find this and many more articles about traditional earth building at Earth Architecture. “By 400 BC, Persian engineers had mastered the technique of storing ice in the middle of summer in … Read more

Spiral Dome Magic 1 and 2

I’ve recently completed two new house plans. There’s nothing else like them that I’ve seen. They combine spirals and domes — the Peace Dome and Spiral Houses, which are also available separately. There are two versions available – one bedroom and two bedroom designs. The combination of shapes creates a very exciting organic design. More … Read more

Spiritual Center in Capilla del Monte, Argentina

Here’s a group that’s interested in using my plans for their new spiritual center. All text below is from Heavenletters.org. Dear Heavenreaders, Do you remember our intention to build a community in South America? That intention is becoming reality! The vision of Spirit Being Human is to form an international network of sustainable communities through … Read more