Earthbag/Strawbale Houses in Snohomish County, Washington

Today’s post is from Global Family “We decided we are going to build an Earthbag and Straw Bale house. Why am I announcing this? Because we believe the time is close to finding reasonably priced land, and to take advantage of the Federal and State benefits provided for energy conservation and sustainable living. The … Read more

Affordable Eco-homes Report

This just in from Kelly Hart: “Dr.Jenny Pickerill recently traveled around the world on a Winston Churchill Trust Travelling Fellowship on a quest for information and insights on how folks in England (where she teaches at the University of Leicester) might better address needs for sustainable housing. One of her stops was in the rural … Read more

Sustainable Building

Sometimes we’re in a hurry and don’t always take time to think carefully about what we’re reading. This post links key sustainable building concepts to Wikipedia to facilitate further research. There have been lots of articles lately on sustainable building, also called green building and natural building, but what is it really? Sustainable building is … Read more

Natural Building Internship

Internship program Cost for 6-week internships: $1,200 The Geiger Research Institute of Sustainable Building announces a building internship training program in Sakon Nakhon, Thailand starting November, 2009. The internships largely involves a learning by doing approach with some classroom time. It encompasses earthbag building, sustainably harvested wood, earth plaster and floors, CEBs, adobe, thatch, and … Read more