Feedback on Rex’s Pallet House

Post and beam pallet walls are fast, strong and very low cost.
Post and beam pallet walls are fast, strong and very low cost.

Yesterday’s blog post about Rex’s Pallet House got me thinking of some different possibilities. Rex and the crew have done an outstanding job so far of building a solid, durable home at incredibly low cost (around $4/sq. ft.). One could stop right there, follow in Rex’s footsteps and be quite satisfied with the results. But I’m the type of person who likes to run ‘what if’ scenarios to explore multiple options. (Brainstorming is free and fun, and often leads to improved results.) For instance, not everyone has 6 months available to build their home. Some builders might prefer spending a little more money to reduce the labor and speed construction. $4/sq. ft. is so cheap, that many could probably afford to pay a little extra, so let’s briefly look at some alternative building methods that will raise the cost a little, without breaking the bank.

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Earth Lodge Pallet Walls

From time to time we answer reader’s questions. Here, numerous emails have been combined and edited for brevity. Rex: My goal is to learn to build houses with local materials in order to help people in my area build sustainable debt free homes. I’m in love with your Earthbag Lodge plan as I had previously … Read more

Recycled Wall Cladding Sample Projects

Yesterday’s blog post explained how to install wall cladding made of recycled wood. Here are some sample projects so you can see the final look. Image source: Shades of Image source: Apartment Image source: Ucreate Before & After Directions for installing pallet wood accent wall: Bower Power Directions for installing pallet wood accent … Read more

Pallet Craft

Definition: Pallet-craft is reusing wood from shipping crates or pallets to make furniture, shelving, toys, decks, planters, sheds, animal pens, compost bins, ceilings, accent walls (wall cladding), benches and other useful items. Pallet craft can be as simple as making a bird house or an entire custom home out of (typically) free salvaged pallets. The … Read more

Interior Pallet Walls

Yesterday’s blog post on Pallet Houses described the pallet wall building method recommended by David Reed of Texas Natural Builders. The drawings above are a close approximation of David Reed’s pallet building system. For this blog post, we’re going to focus on interior walls, because they work perfectly with earthbag walls. Earthbags are not usually … Read more