NYC’s micro-modular building rises in 1 month

“Single people now make up a third of New York City’s households and with the average rent for a studio at $2,600, the city responded in 2012 by announcing a competition to design units smaller than the minimum size of 400 square feet. Mimi Hoang and Eric Bunge of nArchitects won with their ‘My Micro NY’ proposal (now called Carmel Place).

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Micro Apartment Designs

Here’s a fresh topic that I haven’t seen covered before. Some of these micro apartments look very good. Some designs would work well for small homes. “Many established North American (U.S. and Canada) developers have recently unveiled their intentions to bring the smallest suites to the market. And when we talk about the smallest suites we are talking about condos no larger 290 sq. ft. Let’s see in this video several most tiny apartments.”

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How to Organize a Tiny Home

I found another good video by Fair Felice Cohen lives in a 90-square-foot Manhattan studio, but she doesn’t see it as a sacrifice. What keeps it cozy and not cramped is in the organizing. Cohen talks about how everything has a place and why in New York when organizing you need to go up.

DIY Home for Less Than $3,500

Pleabargain, one of our readers, sent us a link to this video. This mobile tiny house includes lots of useful ideas that could be used in any small house. Note the size of house shown in the book she has. Full sized houses used to cost $3,500 and now you can’t even build the bathroom … Read more