Natural Building Options for Tiny Trailer Homes

T-111 exterior plywood siding
T-111 exterior plywood siding

Question: What are some good natural material options for tiny trailer homes?

Owen: Good options include cellulose or wool insulation (especially in the roof), straw/clay wall insulation with wood siding or paneling on both sides. Exterior grade vertical groove plywood siding is a popular choice (T-111). On top of this you could add trim boards to create a more pleasing batt and board appearance.

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Winning Over Your Significant Other

Sara: John, you know I’ve been reading about earthbag building and natural building lately. Well, I’d like to build our new home this way. John: [long pause while thinking] Are you sure? I really like those trailer houses we’ve looked at. Sara: Come on John, trailer houses are shoddily built and you know it. And … Read more

Trailer Houses versus Earthbag Building

I’ve been writing about the problems with building codes for a while now. Just for the record, I’m not 100% against codes. Limited codes can be beneficial, but the current situation is way over the top. This fact is well illustrated by comparing trailer houses (also called mobile homes) to buildings made of earthbags. A … Read more