Earthbags Made from Recycled Fishing Nets

A hat tip to Gail for sending us this story. Thousands of Homes Built from Earth Bags Made from Re-claimed Fishing Nets — Disaster Relief Well not yet, but it’s a good idea. The worlds oceans and dumps are swimming in old fishing nets and building something useful from them seems an appropriate use for … Read more

Untreated Burlap Tubes

I stumbled on a website – Central Ohio Bag and Burlap, Inc. — that sells “plain” (presumably untreated) burlap in rolls. This opens the possibility of buying or making burlap tubes. This company carries the right size. (Try to find a company nearby to reduce shipping costs.) They have 40” wide rolls of burlap that … Read more

Erosion Control Booms

Today’s post showcases erosion control booms — another possible material for earthbag building. This is a new development that looks promising. It gives builders one more material and one more supplier to choose from. And in this case, the UV resistance may be greater than standard poly bags. Syfilco, the company who sells them, contacted … Read more

How Much Wall Insulation Do I Need?

From time to time we answer reader’s questions. Jeff: We are looking at building a home on acreage in central north Michigan. It is extremely cold in the wintertime where we are looking. Would an earthbag home insulated with rice hulls (using 10″ tube sandbags on exterior of earthbag walls) be sufficient for that kind … Read more