Patti’s Workshop Review

“A couple weekends ago, a couple guys from my church and I trekked over to Patti Stouter’s house to learn from her how to build with dirt and bags and barbed wire. We want to provide permanent shelter for Haitians in a sustainable, affordable, culturally appropriate, disaster resistant manner and she has already designed and … Read more

Forging the Next Generation of Natural Designers and Builders

A lot of people agree that the current system is broken and in need of new solutions, whether it’s the educational system, government or how to obtain affordable, decent housing. Inspired by sites such as UnCollege, and alternative systems such as distance learning, mentoring, apprenticeships, WWOOF, internships and volunteering, I’m exploring how to create the … Read more

Earthbag Workshop in Tasmania

Sorry you missed the workshop. I opened the latest issue of The Owner Builder magazine today and just found out about the earthbag bench workshop in Tasmania, Australia. (Tip: you can post your workshop announcements for free at You can also read about the workshop on the web by visiting the link at the … Read more

Natural Building Events

Natural Building Colloquiums are the largest gatherings of natural builders who meet every year to share experiences, listen to guest speakers, watch slide shows and participate in natural builds. Locations vary between Kingston, New Mexico, Bath, New York, Oregon, and British Columbia. Last year’s event was at OUR Ecovillage in Vancouver. EarthUSA earthbuilding conference: Earth … Read more

Earthbag Dome Workshop in France

We are building a large earthbag house with earthen plasters and a rubble trench foundation at: Mas Pinet, Ste Cecile D’Andorge, Ales, France. The workshop is divided into 2 parts: Part 1, 5 days, 18-22 October 2011 Part 2, 5 days, 25-29 October 2011 The price of the workshop includes accommodation in the wonderful artistic … Read more

Earthen Hand 2011 Workshop Schedule

Earthbag building is our most popular type of course. Come learn the theory and practice in any or all of four different in-depth courses in July and August. We will use the Hiperadobe method, which replaces the polypro bag with a strong mesh bag, further reducing materials, costs, and construction time. Four-day courses are in … Read more