Earthbag Workshop at Tiba

The workshop is over. This blog post is here to show readers the type of courses on offer, and in general, report on what’s happening in the field. The Workshop page has a complete list. Also note, there’s lots of information about hyperadobe on this blog. Use the built-in search engine to find previous … Read more

Earthen Hand — Newberry Roundhouse

Scott Howard of Earthen Hand Natural Building does it again! This earthbag cabin in Portland, Oregon was “built mostly during a workshop series in summer 2009. We had a lot of fun with building this house.” Click the link to see more pics. I think roundhouses are the simplest earthbag structures to build, and I … Read more

Two New Phangan Earthworks Workshops

We had a great workshop last weekend with 20 people here at Phangan Earthworks. Our website is already updated and you can see some images if you like, on the workshops page at the bottom. We will teach one more weekend workshop this year, on 18/19 June 2011. Participants will learn the basics of EB, … Read more

East Coast Earthbag Workshops

This is very good news for those who live on the east coast. Patti Stouter, now one of the knowledgeable leaders in earthbag, is offering $50 one day courses in New York. She’s been an enormous help on projects in Haiti and on my book, and has my full support. The text below is from … Read more

April 1-6, 2011 Earthbag Workshop in Thailand

Another earthbag workshop is being offered this year in Sakon Nakhon, Thailand. This six day, $500 workshop includes an excellent hotel, and transport to and from the work site. Last year’s project was this earthbag roundhouse. This year’s project is a Cool Pantry that is designed for keeping food cool without electricity (although we will … Read more

Earth Hands and Houses Dome in Sussex, England

The Earth Hands and Houses Blog has some good photos of the first earthbag dome (a root cellar) in Sussex, England. The workshop was taught by Paulina Wojciechowska, an architect and author of Building with Earth, a guide to Flexible-Form earthbag construction, who has been studying, building and teaching natural building since 1996. Nicholas Harris, … Read more