The City of Cape Town is Building Carbon Neutral Center

The City of Cape Town, South Africa is using recycled materials to construct a new multipurpose center at the Helderberg Nature Reserve. The center, due to be completed by June 2021, has a horse-shoe shape and faces the Helderberg mountain. The Helderberg Nature Reserve will provide benefits include education, recreation, tourism, job creation and skills development.

It is designed to be carbon-neutral, and the materials were carefully selected in an effort to respect the natural environment. “The design is also informed by resource efficiency – the sustainable use of water and energy – as it is imperative that we consider our natural environment as we are building a resilient Cape Town that can withstand the impact of climate change,” a spokesperson said. The center will be fitted with a photovoltaic system to generate its own electricity and a water-recycling filtration system that will be linked to other existing infrastructure on the site.

“We are busy creating something special which will showcase sustainable building practices and contribute towards a greener and more sustainable structure. Leading by example, we want to inspire the private sector to also investigate alternative and greener building material, and to implement water- and energy-wise systems that will preserve our limited natural resources.” The tire wall is built from recycled truck tires filled with earth material from demolished building sites. These walls are compacted with sledgehammers to form a solid base.

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