Tour an Artistically Converted Yurt

This 32 ft traditional canvas yurt is a beautiful one-of-a-kind 4-season yurt inspired by nature. It has been modified for the West Coast climate by adding a shingled roof, wooden siding, and extra insulation. From the outside, it looks like a round cabin but the interior still looks exactly like a yurt with canvas covers, lattice walls, and wooden roof rafters.

 The yurt is inspired by Elfin architecture from The Lord of the Rings, with some intricately hand-carved elements including the impressive front door and the spiral staircase. The open concept interior is bright and filled with plants, and it’s also a fully functional living space with a full kitchen, dining room, bathroom, living room and a loft bedroom. There’s also an addition with another bedroom, and a small utility room with a washing machine and extra storage space.

Adam Szoke is the green building wood artist who assembled the yurt, renovated it, and made the beautiful door, spiral staircase, and railing! Find out more about his work here: Eyan Myers is the artist who painted all of the beautiful owl paintings in the yurt, you can check out her work here: The original yurt was made by Yurtz by Design in Canada:

You can find out more and stay at Tal and Nao’s beautiful yurt on Vancouver Island, BC.

You can watch the video at

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