Veterans Off Grid in New Mexico — 7 Comments

  1. Hola!

    Does any one know in which counties around Taos it is allowed to build with sustainable materials and what the best option for building in a 4 season environment is? Would earth bags work there as well or an earth ship or earth bricks a better route?
    My partner and I are looking for a home. California is too expensive and narrow minded with building for us.

    • All of New Mexico is regulated to some extent through state building codes. It is possible to build alternatively, but it might be necessary to provide an architect or engineer’s stamp on the plans.
      The climate there is not unlike that of the San Luis Valley in Colorado, where I once built a very comfortable earthbag house, where the earthbags were filled with scoria, a local crushed volcanic stone that is quite insulating. The general Earthship design is very good for that region.

  2. I wish I could have someone come live with me on my 5 acres and help me grow my farm in JAVA VA 24565. So far I’m holding down my fort after working hard for a year and a half. I just sold 5 acres of a ten acre piece to a lovely married couple moving in next week. If anyone interested in becoming my roommate in a 3bdrm one bath composing home. Please shoot me an email. Thank you

    • I’ve been planning for years to get some property in Missouri for a homestead. I just turned 58 and live alone, by choice 😁. I am a Marine Corps veteran. Am still studying different US maps regarding earthquake subduction zones, active nuclear power plants, wind maps, water contamination maps, crime maps and whether the states are red or blue, their gun laws and building codes…the list goes on. It’s going to be a while before I can move anywhere but would like to get to know more about you, your current homestead and your plans for it as well as the benefit of having sold five acres to the above mentioned family.
      Regards from Pastor Ann in Bullhead City, Arizona

  3. Hey so I’ve been getting rapped tortured etc need somewhere off grid w no money really anyone have helpful ideas schertzy AT

  4. That’s looking cool, what you think is there have a any smells?
    I told used tires have a smell bad
    I am send house builder to but I am used bag with send

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