A Brazilian Ecological House

Gabriel Raia Carneiro, a realtor, green builder, eco-designer, and permaculture specialist, working as a consultant in Brazil, has been kind enough to allow us to feature this ecological house he built there. I have constructed a project page based on information and photos provided by him. All of the text was originally Portuguese, so it took some effort to translate this into English, but I think that it is worth it.

According to Gabriel, “The walls are made solid with PURE EARTH! The curves are essential in SUPERADOBE projects…they express sensuality and provide strength. This project was constructed partly in brick and partly in superadobe…and certified wood! A hybrid house. This house is a concrete example of how your new home can be sustainable without losing elegance.”

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  1. That was unique! It looks great, but Im real concerned about removing the bags……. especially on the retaining wall….


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