A Manual for Building an Earthbag Shelter

Akio Inoue from Japan has been a long time advocate and pioneer of earthbag building (see http://earthbagbuilding.wordpress.com/2011/01/24/akio-inoue-dome-photos/ for more about him). He created one of the first concise manuals for how to actually go about building, but it has not generally been accessible to the public. Akio wrote to me and asked if I would be willing to revise his English edition and make it available for more people to see.

I am pleased to report that I have done this and you can see this revised version of  A Manual for Building an Earthbag Shelter on our website.

4 thoughts on “A Manual for Building an Earthbag Shelter”

    • The book is finished. But there are a few last minute glitches like the book cover is a different size than the book and so it has to be re-sized. It’s endless… Should be done any day.

  1. Good Stuff!

    The HARDEST thing about taking alternative steps is the visualization of HOW you actually take them.

    Being able to bridge that gap is just reiterating that pictures are worth a thousand words! Good Job!

    • I agree. That’s why there are about 180 photos and drawings in my upcoming earthbag book, and links to my YouTube videos. So you can read how to do it, then look at a photo and then watch the video.


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