Bamboo’s Green Potential

An article in Eco-Business News describes some of  the amazing characteristics and uses for humble bamboo. 

Like all plants, bamboo stores carbon. However, because it grows particularly fast—some species grow up to 90cm a day—and matures within a few years, it can be harvested regularly. This means bamboo can create a large number of durable products which store carbon over several years, in addition to the carbon stored in the plant itself.

Bamboo products include flooring, furniture, housing, storm-drainage pipes, utility poles, street lights, wind turbine blades and shock-resistant exteriors for bullet-train carriages.

With a tensile strength greater than that of mild steel, and an ability to withstand compression twice as well as concrete, bamboo products can provide a low- or even negative-carbon alternative to materials like PVC, concrete, plastic and steel.

As bamboos grow throughout the tropics in Africa, Asia and the Americas, it could provide a natural, renewable material for infrastructure in developing countries.

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