Creating a Village Center from Two Dilapidated Buildings

This project of transforming an old courtyard into a village center is located in Yuan Jue Si Village in ancient Sichuan, China. Two dilapidated houses have the same courtyard, but they are relatively independent.

The two independent roofs and the two disabled buildings are connected, redefining the spatial relationship between them. The roofs were raised by 1.2 meters to improve the lighting inside  and create a comfortable space.  The traditional folding roof is integrated with the streamlined roof, making the courtyard space more pleasant. Looking at this building from a distance, you can see its winding and leaping roof, and the natural circulation.

The simple exterior wall facade is constructed by using rammed earth walls comprised of mud, sand, and gravel.

In addition to the steel structure, the indoor roof and facade mainly rely on bamboo for decoration and structural assistance. The pliability and gentleness of bamboo can neutralize the hardness and coldness of the steel structure. Photographs by  Arch-ExistArchitects: Zaixing Architectural Design

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