Disaster Resistant Catenary Domes

Disaster Resistant Catenary Dome (click to enlarge)
Disaster Resistant Catenary Dome (click to enlarge)

Specifications: 314 sq. ft. interior, 181 sq. ft. interior loft, total = 495 sq. ft. interior, Footprint: 23’ diameter

This blog post is a continuation of the discussion about disaster resistant domes. So far we’ve talked about Hemispheric Domes and key ideas about How to Build the Strongest Buildings That Can Last Centuries.

Wiki describes a catenary arch as “the curve that an idealised hanging chain or cable assumes when supported at its ends and acted on only by its own weight.” A catenary arch can be inverted to define and guide the shape of a dome (a dome is an arch that’s been rotated about its axis). This creates an incredibly strong shape, that when combined with the right materials can produce structures with superior disaster resistance.

The idea for this design sprang from a reader who liked the disaster resistant building concept, but wanted a taller dome with a loft. Well, here it is.

More details at my Earthbag House Plans site.

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