Earth Building Report from Greece

I came across a report titled Earth Building: Models, Technical Aspects, Tests and Environmental Evaluation by Sargentis, Kapsalis and Symeonidis. The report was presented at the 11th International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology in September, 2009 in Greece.

Stress analysis of an earthbag dome (click to enlarge)
Stress analysis of an earthbag dome (click to enlarge)

The report has a number of fascinating insights. The team designed and analyzed a model earthbag dome. Of particular interest to me is the software analysis of shear and compression. The door area appears to be the weakest part due to shear forces, but according to the study it is within safe limits.

They give a number of positive endorsements to earthbag building. “Earth bag offers more structural integrity than adobe, more plasticity than rammed earth and more speed than cob. Although earth bag is new compared to these ancient building methods, it offers superior economy and durability in domed and vaulted assemblies.”

You can read the entire report on our website, where we archive everything related to earthbag.

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