Earthbag Platform for Yurts — 4 Comments

    • There are various options depending on how you build the platform: anchors drilled into concrete, anchors enbedded in concrete, screw piers, concrete piers with anchors, etc. One good low tech DIY option is to build a wood platform with recycled or sustainably harvested wood. Choosing the best method depends on soil type vs. rocky ground, climate, risk of flooding, etc.

  1. I had a friend tell me about how he tore down an old barn and built a nice deck beside the house.He says he wasnt done for five minutes and a guy drove up and asked for the permit.So my friend asks the guy, permit for what? and he says a building permit for the deck! My friend calmly looks at the guy and says this is my raft im building?the permit guy just stood there for a while then left.I d bet you could spend years building your boat on your property.

    • That’s hilarious. It just goes to show how ridiculous things have gotten.

      Building on removable pre-cast concrete piers has some real potential for circumventing codes. It’s temporary, not a permanent foundation.

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