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Background information from Wiki: Open Source Architecture
“Open-source architecture (OSArc) is an emerging paradigm describing new procedures for the design, construction and operation of buildings, infrastructure and spaces… it describes an inclusive approach to spatial design, a collaborative use of design software…

A contemporary form of open-source vernacular is the Open Architecture Network launched by Architecture for Humanity, which replaces traditional copyright restrictions with Creative Commons licensing and allows open access to blueprints. Wider OSAarc relies on a digital commons and the shared spaces of the World Wide Web to enable instantaneous collaboration beyond more established regimes of competition and profit.

Its proponents see it as distinguished by code over mass, relationships over compositions, networks over structures, adaptation over stasis, life over plans. Its purpose is to transform architecture from a top-down immutable delivery mechanism to a transparent, inclusive… [system].”

My personal goal is to see a range of plans for affordable, sustainable and simple to build structures freely available for download from the Internet. Here are some of the projects I’m currently involved with:
Solar Pit House, Mindfulness Project Insulated Earthbag Domes, Mindfulness Project Site Plans, Earthbag Pit Greenhouse, Rootcellar, Cool Pantry, $300 Earthbag House, $300 Stone Dome (Geopolymer Earthbag Dome), $300 CEB House, Economizer, Narrow Lot House, Earthbag Shed, Straw Bale Emergency Shelter, Post-tsunami Emergency Housing Project, Earthbag Emergency Shelter, Mother Earth News Earthbag Dome (rootcellar, storage, etc.), UN earthbag shelter, Multi-purpose Outdoor Stove, Insulated Earthbag Foundation for Yurts, insulated earthbag foundations, earthbag greenhouse, tornado shelter (tornado dome) and vaulted rootcellar (under development).

Does anyone know of a good way to make all the plans available for download from one site? I want to post AutoCAD plans as well as PDFs so people can easily modify the plans to their needs.

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  1. I think you could put your plans at the Internet Archive (
    There are already some dxf files at the archive but not much. If possible you
    should use a file version that one of the free programs that can read dxf files

    examples are:

    Libre Cad
    based on the qcad source but also free on windows

    use autocad2000dxf format for save

    Open Office Draw and Libre Office Draw

    Klaus Leiss


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