Earthbags in Urban India Update

Chinmay Pareek from Brzee Studio in India sent me some recent photos of how his project is progressing. We reported on this awhile ago in this post. This is an earthbag  house in Jaipur that is surrounded by concrete and high rises in the main city.  In addition to earthbags, they are using exposed stone, wattle and daub, and bamboo. Now the house sports a lovely green roof!

1 thought on “Earthbags in Urban India Update”

  1. Hi Chinmay. ALL of your endeavors have created such a BEAUTIFUL home!

    You are being the big change on earth, and this will surely inspire others to follow their dreams, too.

    It appears the green roof is a slant shed roof in the rear and a gable roof in the front. Is this to help control flow of any exess water to the one side of the home for proper drainage?


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