Elegantly Simple Finnish Tiny Home

Nido (meaning “bird’s nest” in Italian) is a tiny cabin with a 100-square-foot floor plan to meet Finland’s zoning laws that do not require a building permit for houses with a floor plan between 96 and 128 square feet.

Robin Falck, of Helsinki, constructed his very own “compact getaway” deep in the woods, using mostly recycled building materials. He spent around $10,500, doing most of the construction work on his own.

The cabin has two levels and keeps a low profile with elegant simplicity. A bare ramp walkway composed of wooden planks leads to the tiny cabin’s entrance and connects to the cabin’s side deck.

Inside, angled, expansive windows drench both floors with natural sunlight and compliment the home’s natural wooden interior and soft hues of the Nordic-inspired color scheme found throughout the cabin.

A micro-kitchen and living area fill out the cabin’s first floor, while the second floor has the bedroom and extra storage space.

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4 thoughts on “Elegantly Simple Finnish Tiny Home”

  1. I really appreciate the daily connection with builders from all over the world that you provide us, Kelly.
    I am a cob builder but I am connected with all those builders in the world who who challenge the status quo of traditional, large, stick or brick-built homes built by strangers and financed with a 30 year mortgage. It is much more than a financial choice. It is a choice to really be a part of the process of creating a place to live that suits YOU. Every moment I spend on my site I am happy and feel connected to earth on which I walk. Those who walk into my house feel the coolness first, then they hear the quiet ( I am close to a busy highway) and then they notice how soft the cob floor is to walk on. More like a hardwood floor that is not on a concrete slab. Thank you and bless you for your calling to connect us!

    • Thank you, Bruce. It is a pleasure to connect with like-minded folks around the world and further the cause of living ecologically.


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