Free Access to SEI’s Library of Webinars

You can now gain free access to Solar Energy International’s past webinars! Their online library offers an array of webinars gathered from previous events, containing years worth of resources that are both informative and actionable. Training includes technical topics, business and marketing resources, workforce development discussions, women in solar insight, and more.

Technical Training topics:

  • PV Installation Best Practices
  • Configurations of PV Systems with Energy Storage
  • Tools & Techniques for PV System O&M
  • A Look at Lithium-Ion Battery Types and Considerations
  • Introduction to Utility Connected PV System Design
  • Commercial Interconnection Options
  • PV + ESS: Designing & Installing Residential Solar & Storage Systems
  • 2020 NEC Changes Affecting PV & Energy Storage Systems
  • 2020 NEC® Updates
  • NFPA 855: It’s Here. How Your ESS Projects Will Be Impacted
  • PVSyst: How to Read a Report
  • The Physics of Solar Cells & IV Curves
  • Solar Vaccine Refrigeration – Past, Present & Future

Business & Marketing topics:

  • How Solar Leads are Generated in 2021
  • How To Build a Solar Drone Program
  • An Introduction to PV Module Recycling
  • Resources for Energy in Agriculture
  • Resources on Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy for Rural Communities
  • Solar Financing – Colorado Clean Energy Fund and C-PACE
  • Going Solar: Insight from the Experts

Workforce Development topics:

  • Solar Workforce Development
  • Utah Workforce Development Program

Women In Solar topics:

  • Removing Barriers for Women in Solar Training
  • Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Miscellaneous topics:

  • Renewable Energy Success Stories
  • The Nexus Between Energy and Food

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