Making Cast Stone Earthbags with Sodium Carbonate — 10 Comments

  1. If you are not using it commercially, I doubt there is a patent violation here.

    I do wonder about the availability of sodium carbonate, and even sources (what other industries use it?). I don’t know where I could even begin to source it locally.

  2. I agree that this is an exciting development in earthbag construction. My only concern is that a patent is held on this process, a factor that could slow down or limit development of this process into houses. What hoops would one need to jump through to be able to use this? Licensing fees, etc? It seems to be such an easy process to duplicate that I wonder about the enforcement of the patent, or if the inventor is going to allow free use of this product.

    • Someone needs to contact the inventor. Any volunteers?

      I imagine many people will use this for their own home without permission. Inventors know the reality of the situation. But if it spreads then maybe he can land some commercial licensing fees.

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