Bill McNulty’s 2nd Patent

Previous posts have introduced Bill McNulty’s cast stone method. This post is about his second patent — a second process that explains how to make other types of cast stone with sodium carbonate. Abstract: Inorganic cementitious material A method of producing a new type of cement, hereafter called Conch-krete. Conch-krete is created by adding sodium … Read more

Making Cast Stone Earthbags with Sodium Carbonate

I consider yesterday’s blog post about making cast stone earthbags one of the most exciting developments in earthbag building. This newer, simpler geopolymer process sure seems like it will become popular. It sounds like a million dollar idea to me. I imagine millions of people would love to live in an all natural, affordable stone … Read more

Earthbag Building May be Thousands of Years Old

Major Breaking News. Tim, one of our readers, sent me some information the other day that explained how Bill McNulty has patented the process of making cast stone using natron salt (sodium carbonate) mixed with powdered granite, limestone, basalt, schist or sandstone mixed with water. This is a slightly different method than proposed by Professor … Read more